Undertaker and michelle mccool dating

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However, Edge lost his title shortly afterwards to CM Punk.

On the July 4 Smack Down, Edge took his frustrations for losing the World Heavyweight Championship out on Vickie by telling her the wedding was off.

In 2006, approximately seven or eight months after Eddie's death, Vickie started appearing more prominently in more controversial storylines.

She first asserted herself during a feud between Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero when Chavo accused Mysterio of being "nothing but a leech living off the blood of the Guerrero name" on the August 4 Smack Down! Subsequently, she acted as peacemaker between the two former friends until she seemingly inadvertently interfered in their match at Summer Slam in 2006, costing Mysterio the match.

Over the following weeks, Vickie put the Undertaker in matches against the Big Show that seemed impossible for him to win.

The feud ended after Big Show lost to Undertaker in a casket match.

Eddie promised not to reveal the secret should he lose to Mysterio at The Great American Bash, though that turned out to be another one of his character's trademark lies, as Eddie revealed that Dominick was really his (kayfabe) biological son.

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The Undertaker refused to accept her apology for his banishment, but Vickie stated that she was not afraid of him.

On the May 2 Smack Down, she stripped The Undertaker of his championship after deciding that his new gogoplata (dubbed Hell's Gate) submission hold was too dangerous and made a match between The Undertaker and Edge for the vacant title with the stipulation that Undertaker would be banished from WWE if he lost.

Following interference, Edge won the match and Vickie 'banished' Undertaker.

At Survivor Series, during a match for the WWE Championship between the champion Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov, Vickie came out to the arena making the announcement that "he's here".

Edge's music was played and he came out to compete, making it a triple threat match.

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