Updating bios in nokia 770 tablet

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A few months ago, Nokia announced a Linux-based mobile equipment: Nokia N770.

The alliance between Palm Source and Monta Vista Software could cause Linux to become mainstream for cell phones and PDA type equipments.

Linux 2.4kernel (PXA/Xscale): booting via Core-i SCSI backport to v2.4.

Linux 2.6 uclinux (ARM): i SCSI over 802.11b wireless (Accelerated media player is required to play over i SCSI).

Practically, in this partnership, Monta Vista will bring the operating system, and Palm Source will provide the applications for it.

The two companies will work together on these two programs: Monta Vista's Open Framework and Palm Source's Palm Powered Mobile World.

The Neuros OSD PVR (personal video recorder/player) uses LIO to serve as a jukebox for i SCSI media archives on the home network.

The guys at Digitally Accurate ported LIO to the Raspberry Pi, which now allows Windows 7 to connect over Ethernet to a USB storage device configured as an i SCSI target.

Linux 2.6.17 (Power PC) 10/100 Mbit (build): protyope of diskless gamecube booting . The BBA is fast enough to watch a 10 Mbit/s DVD movie!

The Linksys WRT350N also got an experimental LIO backport.

Together with its Core-i SCSI port, it can be used as an i SCSI target export and a storage aggregator for external USB disks and DVD-ROM devices.

Here's my contribution: I started with a 770 Pentium MMX 233mhz!

I upgraded it to a Pentium II 300mhz processor with the following flaws.

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