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I just started using Drupal (7.12) on local Ubuntu (11.10) installation and had the problem described in the original post. Change the lines: #32 worked for me except this error "File Transfer failed, reason: Unable to remove to directory" and "File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot create directory". /www/sites/all/modules/ckeditor (permission is rwxrwxrwx) How (or where) can I set a diffent ftp home dir on Drupal update manager?

In my case the solution was to change the ftp configuration in /etc/which by default did not allow any ftp writing. I have tried on but could not find this kind of information. It seems that for the fast update method to work, you need to have the ftp user with which you login to be the owner of the modules' files and directories that you want to have updated.

Deleting the subdirectory, fortunately, does not erase the module settings.

I think we'd all be happy to fix the problem if we knew what caused it.

The correct path is /home/user_name/www/sites/all/modules/pathauto and not /sites/all/modules/pathauto.

they said I have to work with my own regular user since it works perfectly on any ssh and ftp program (it really works! They also said this a Drupal's update tool problem that does not happen on Wordpress update tool. I believe that important part of the problem is that I do not have control over apache, ftp, etc servers because my site is hosted on a third party hosting company. I will try changing the owner to wwwrun and see Drupal update manager message: ckeditor Error installing / updating File Transfer failed, reason: Unable to change to directory /sites/all/modules/ckeditor Using https://net/tool, I see another path...Are limited users provided by host companies a problem to this update method? If any one can provide this hack, I can test on the sites where I have the problem always happening. I insist on this feature because Drupal 7 release has a focus on user experience, accesibility and usability of the system to make it easier to use.My SQL user and Hosting/SSH/FTP user are different names/passwords. Who says it's even the same problem during the same 18 months? So far we have 10 people reporting a problem that sounds the same, with no debug info or hints for fixing this.As Scott said, the problem isn't critical as you can still upgrade modules by hand. as described on this page You *MAY* also need to make sure that you do *NOT* have Default Root defined or set in your /etc/file.(or whatever FTP server you use) This will allow you to install modules and themes and directly ftp to your Server, but it still does not allow you to update themes or modules, this is still an issue.

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