Updating my etrex

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What the hell is going on with your map update process? I start up Garmin Express and it says "Sorry, we're having a problem connecting to our servers".I have attempted to update the maps on my Nuvi with the old installer.I was then forced to install the Garmin Express program to do so.This gives them the maximum data storage for recording waypoints and tracklogs on their next adventure.View your GPS waypoints and tracks in Google Earth.

However, they never installed on my unit (no warning, no error messages during 5 hours).Easy GPS automatically geotags photos from any digital camera, allowing you to map them on and in Google Earth. Easy GPS converts between lat/lon, UTM, MGRS, and hundreds of national grid coordinate formats.Just one click converts all of your Garmin data between any format or datum (WGS84, NAD27, NAD83, and dozens more).From past experience this is a catch all error if anything goes wrong.If I dismiss the error and try to "Refresh to check for updates" it says I need to reauthenticate and prompts me with the dialog to do so. The servers seem to be down an awful lot for such a large company.

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