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Give your workout headband another wear and rock it during the day, using it to pull flat-ironed hair back and out of your face.

This look is ideal for someone transitioning their bangs.

As hair flips into different directions, it creates the illusion of layers, angles, and volume.

Go for a modern middle part with a chin-length bob with piece-y texture at the ends.

That’s why we’re currently thinking about the perfect haircut: One that isn’t overwhelming, but will still make us feel refreshed and give us a new beginning.

To find such a cut, we’ve been looking to Instagram for inspiration.

The latest celeb to undergo the chop, Myleene recently showed off her sleek new bob on Instagram.

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I used to get really stressed up with my former workplace and I guess God heard my prayer. As craving yellow loves to say Less manipulation= Less breakage =Length ama namna gani my friends😊 Have a good one queens and any kings here too(thanks for the support). Considering that summer will be here in one month and seven days, we’re beginning to think about what we want to do with our hair during this season.Yes, getting a dramatic cut may be fun, but we always find that it’s good to start small and work our way up.I have been a lazy natural for two months now and my hair has suffered. Since I have not trimmed my ends have thinned and caused so much breakage. This is despite me keeping to my regimen and constantly moisturizing these babies. That word is the reason we are so tired after handling our hair. I know my hair looks like it has been shampooed with herbs from the Amazon forest, deep conditioned with ostrich eggs, and moisturized with oils made by women from koi and Khoisan village haha.

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