Updating ps3 2 53

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- Fix for issue where destroying planted Pumpkin and Melon Seeds drops an incorrect number of seeds.- Librarian villagers now have a small probability of offering nametags for sale.- Added Oak Wood Fence Gate, Spruce Wood Fence Gate, Birch Wood Fence Gate, Jungle Wood Fence Gate.- Added Oak Wood Door, Spruce Wood Door, Birch Wood Door, Jungle Wood Door.- Fixed an issue in the Host Options menu in Adventure mode causing options to be set wrongly.- Fix for issue where animals don't stop running after being hit.

- Fixed a crash when a flaming arrow shot from a Dispenser hits TNT.

The End has changed when generating a new world, and can also be updated for old worlds.

To get the new End in an old world, select "Reset End" in the "More Options" menu when loading the world.

If you had already purchased the Norse Mythology Pack on Nintendo Switch, there are a few steps to follow - Highlight the Minecraft Icon on the Home menu Press to enter the Options Navigate to "Software Update" Select "Via the Internet" and press A Re-start the Nintendo Switch We have a Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update in test with Microsoft to fix issues with The Simpsons, Birthday, Minecon and Summer of Arcade Skin Packs.

Due to holidays, it'll take longer than usual before this is released.

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