Updating ps3 with usb

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I have done my fair share of ridiculing the PS3, and even deterred people from buying one. However, because I was an XBOX fan, I was very familiar with the Red Rings of Death, or RROD for short.But that was all before Gran Turismo 5, which literally had me convinced at first sight that a PS3 was something that I had to own. And because I am an aspiring engineer and experienced tinkerer, I had gotten very familiar (and very good) at fixing consoles with this problem, thanks to the many helpful tutorials posted on sites like

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The best way to fix BGA related failure is to use a professional re-flow station and griddle, but these cost big bucks, and would be pointless to buy for a one time fix. Alright, so the following is what you will need: - Four M4 X 30mm hex bolts - Eight matching M4 hex nuts - Two M5 X 30mm hex bolts - Four matching M5 hex nuts - One pack of Blu Tack, Sticky Tack, or similar (can be found at Walmart) - Rubbing Alcohol - No clean flux (get on ebay and search "flux RROD YLOD" and you should find the stuff.A friend has a device that can check the health of hard drives, and we were able to determine that the actual drive is still good.When I upgraded to Windows 7, though, my hard drive is no longer recognized by windows.The other big downfall is that the heat-gun warps the motherboard because it heats one area while other areas stay cool.This means that when you put the warped board back in the case and bolt it all in, it puts stress on the new solder balls, which is never good and will help to cause failure in the future.

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