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I would see the same message as the aforementioned Sabayon Linux user if the kernel image and source code were not set up correctly in my Sabayon Linux installation: sabayon fitzcarraldo # equo search --installed linux-sabayon ╠ @@ Searching...

╠ @@ Package: sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-4.8.17 branch: 5, [__system__] ╠ Installed: version: 4.8.17 ~ tag: No Tag ~ revision: 0 ╠ Slot: 4.8 ╠ Homepage: https://github.com/Sabayon/kernel ╠ Description: Official Sabayon Linux Standard ╠ kernel image ╠ License: GPL-2 freedist ╠ Keywords: linux-sabayon ╠ Found: 1 entry sabayon fitzcarraldo # As you can see above, Version 4.8.17 of the kernel image package was installed in my case.

This means that you don't have to go through the headaches of updating by hand to the latest and greatest software available.

updating sabayon-70

But, our current policy does not support the idea to fork Gentoo Linux package management because users don't like to waste time compiling. We only want something that works without Microsoft and their superficial operating system implementation! We don't try to mimic any other distribution, we just take the best from each one.* Unlike most other distributions, it's completely independent from commercial interests.No big firm stands behind Sabayon Linux and dictates what it should do.Note that the kernel source code is not installed by default in Sabayon Linux, so my guess is that the aforementioned user didn’t have the kernel source code installed.Here’s how to find out which version of the kernel source code package is installed, if any: sabayon fitzcarraldo # equo search --installed sabayon-sources ╠ @@ Searching...

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