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We have improved the source map options and path generation so the sourcemap should be generated at the correct path without specifying any options. If you want to install a bleeding-edge, unpublished version of lessc, follow the instructions for specifying a git URL as a dependency and be sure to specify an actual commit SHA (not a branch name) as the rule does not exist at that exact location, less will look for it at the location(s) passed to this option.

Periodically, as new functionality is being developed, lessc builds will be published to npm, tagged as beta. Since patch releases are non-breaking we will publish patch releases immediately and alpha/beta/candidate versions will be published as minor or major version upgrades (we endeavour since 1.4.0 to follow semantic versioning).

--plugin=less-plugin-clean-css="advanced" or --clean-css="advanced" We recommend using Less in the browser only for development or when you need to dynamically compile Less code and cannot do it serverside.

This is because is a large javascript file and compiling Less before the user can see the page means a delay for the user.

This is not recommended for production, but for development it allows the compiler to produce a single output file which in browsers that support it, use the compiled css but show you the non-compiled less source.

Allows you to add a path to every generated import and url in your css.

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If you wanted to render a file, you would first read it into a string (to pass to less.render) and then set the filename field on options to be the filename of the main file.If you use the watcher or call refresh with reload set to true, then the cache will be cleared before running.Less only supports running on modern browsers (recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE).Use this option if for instance you have a css file generated in the root on your web server but have your source less/css/map files in a different folder.So for the option above you might have This is the opposite of the rootpath option, it specifies a path which should be removed from the output paths.

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