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Keep in mind that libraries, languages, and system services may have changed substantially.In Ubuntu 16.04, important changes since the preceding LTS release include a transition to the systemd init system in place of Upstart, an emphasis on Python 3 support, and PHP 7 in place of PHP 5.Before beginning the release upgrade, it's safest to install the latest versions of all packages has not informed us of this, you can use the console available from the Digital Ocean Control Panel to connect to your Droplet without running SSH.For virtual machines or managed servers hosted by other providers, you should keep in mind that losing SSH connectivity is a risk, particularly if you don't have another means of remotely connecting to the system's console.

For backup methods which will work on most Ubuntu systems, see How To Choose an Effective Backup Strategy for your VPS.If you run a firewall, you may need to temporarily open this port.As this is potentially dangerous it's not done automatically.Although it hasn't yet been released at the time of this writing, it's already possible to upgrade a 15.10 system to the development version of 16.04.This may be useful for testing both the upgrade process and the features of 16.04 itself in advance of the official release date.

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