Validating and writing system software to the filesystem

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When the utility is rerun, it overwrites the existing backup file. The release and status information is required when working with Oracle Support Services.

The log file maintains the complete history of every ipconf operation performed. The following table lists the output fields from the Main release version of the overall cell image indicating a specific combination of releases of operating system, core Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software (the cell rpm), and the firmware levels for most key components of the cell. The first five separated fields of the version match the standard way Oracle product releases are identified. A typical successful cell patch switches the cell from its active partitions to inactive partitions.

In addition, health check validations are a set of quick health checks on the system on each boot, such as basic health of the disks, and report the status.

If a validation fails, then you should examine the log file for the cause as it may indicate potential problem requiring attention.

The config makes use of the universally-defined "root" filesystem.

Automatic patch rollback occurs if one or more validation checks fail after patch application. Check for any failures reported in the Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software includes utilities for diagnostics and repair of Oracle Exadata Storage Server.

The utilities help diagnose and repair problems that may occur during the normal life cycle of Oracle Exadata Storage Servers.

If not, then you may experience irrecoverable data loss. ILOM Fully qualified hostname []: ILOM IP discovery (static/dhcp) [static]: ILOM IP address []: ILOM Netmask []: ILOM Gateway or none []: ILOM Nameserver or none: []: ILOM Use NTP Servers (enabled/disabled) [enabled]: ILOM First NTP server.

The ipconf utility is used to set and change the following parameters on Oracle Exadata Storage Servers. Fully qualified hostname or ip address or none []: ILOM Second NTP server.

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