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The EPC provides a legal framework for the granting of European patents, Before 1978, two important problems when seeking to obtain patent protection in Europe in a number of countries were first the need to file a separate patent application in each country, with a subsequent distinct grant procedure in each country, and secondly the need to translate the text of the application into a number of different languages.

Different languages are indeed utilised across the European countries and there is substantial expense in preparing translations into each of those languages.

In addition to patent translations, Multi Ling works with many of the world’s largest patent filers – corporations and law firms – to make European Patent Office (EPO) filings, including validations, simple and accurate.

Multi Ling was able to provide the law firm with a quote for patent translation and filing support that realized savings of more than 30 percent and allowed the patentee to select an additional 5 countries to file in, for protection in a total of 15 jurisdictions.

The client wasn’t ready to give up, however, so it asked the law firm to find an alternative solution: an IP translation service that also offers validation services.

Enter Multi Ling, an innovative leader in IP translations and other IP foreign patent filing services.

Our clients have the added reassurance that their work will be overseen by a Murgitroyd Director.

The next step was to validate the patent in each country where the company wanted its rights preserved.Throughout the history of the EPC, some non-contracting States have concluded cooperation agreements with the European Patent Organisation, known as extension or validation agreements.These states then became "extension states" or "validation states", which means that European patents granted by the EPO may be extended to those countries through the payment of additional fees and completion of certain formalities.The client initially felt it could afford to validate the patent in 10 countries (a handful of which required translations), but the initial quote by a foreign agent was significantly higher than the patentee believed it should invest.The client was concerned it would need to cut back on the number of countries in which it was seeking validation, consequently forgoing IP protection in some countries.

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