Verizon updating 5 4 blackberry

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New Storms sold on the 26th or later will ship with the upate installed. why I say "dates on things like this can change." Apparently it already has.An updated photo now shows the date is the 26th instead of the 25th.Also, while Black Berry offers feedback and advice on the design of devices the partners also provide feedback on the software.It's a unique arrangement in the smartphone space considering the global scope and relative autonomy of each partner to develop, support and market in their respective regions.

How do you feel about waning support for older Black Berry Android devices, will you upgrade to the newer Black Berry Mobile handsets which seem to have a much better support and upgrade path?Meanwhile, the LG G5 is being updated with the November 6, 2017 Android security patches and the App Flash app.This app lives to the left of your home screen and makes app, movie, music, and restaurant recommendations.It's also worth noting that Verizon has now confirmed the Moto Z2 Force's Oreo update.Some owners began receiving the Android 8.0 update last week, and now that Verizon has posted its changelog for the update, we should see more Moto Z2 Force owners receiving their Oreo treat.

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