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Just as you might associate a physical library with doing research, one of the strengths of the Internet Archive’s video content is its vast collection of historical content.While it does also have some newer content, some of its best videos are older and obscure news reports, TV series, and movies that are typically harder to find on other sites.

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There are many videos from the archives of NASANASA, one of the pioneers in space exploration, has released a free i Pad app which collects, customizes, and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated mission information, images, videos, and Twitter feeds from various online..., as well as a collection of classic TV commercials and educational films dating back to the 1950s.

While many selections on this list feature a variety of TV series or movies, Screen Junkies specializes in original content that covers TV series and movies. For example, in , in which self-proclaimed “TV nerds” argue about various topics, such as “What was the worst sitcom of the ’90s?

”Visitors can watch a handful of videos on Screen Junkies for free, but a full premium subscription costs .99 per month, or 15 months for the upfront price of 12 (). The site is still around, and these days it’s putting a stronger emphasis on video.

This includes everything from highlights of the world’s best surfers, quick and to-the-point product reviews, and tips on how to complete a difficult level on your favorite video game. Its browsing interface is fairly straightforward, with a menu bar that links to “latest,” “popular,” and “trending” videos.

Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left, which features a more extensive list of 16 video categories.

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