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Many webcams on notebook computers have indicator lights on them that let you know when your camera is actively capturing video.

It may be possible (on some cameras) to disable the activity light through software hacks or modifying configuration settings.

Installation of the device drivers for the webcam is not required on the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA).

Device drivers are only required on the client device.

So, just because you don't see an activity light on doesn't mean that your webcam isn't still capturing video.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.

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Users can choose between the two based on their specific requirements.

I also recommend augmenting your primary anti-malware solution with a Second Opinion Malware Scanner such as Malwarebytes or Hitman Pro.

A Second Opinion Scanner acts as a second layer of defense and will hopefully catch any malware that may have evaded your front line scanner.

One of the ways webcam-related malware is spread is through links on social media sites.

Malware developers often use link shortening services such as Tiny URL and Bitly to try and mask the true destination link which is likely a malware distribution site.

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