What are the benefits of dating older men

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It wont be necessary to launch new investigations of Presidential sex scandals of 1999 to know that much of the socio-political traumas of that time turned on the issue of whether nonintercourse forms of sex truly constitute sex.The old-fashioned idea that only a bed or at the very least the floor or a table and penile penetration is sex brought the country to a constitutional crisis.In 1989, nearly two thousand men between the ages of forty and seventy, chosen to reflect race and ethnicity as represented in their communities, were involved in an extensive survey of their sexual lives as part of a long-term study on all aspects of the aging process conducted under the aegis of the National Institute of Aging.The study, known as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, remains one of the most detailed and exhaustive analyses of male sexuality in mid- and later life since the Kinsey Report of many decades ago.

The physicians and other health professionals who conducted the survey were affiliated with major Boston medical centers and they looked at everything that might affect sexual function - prescription drugs, work habits, availability of partners, attitudes toward a range of sexual activities other than intercourse, and half a dozen more.The authors of one part of the Massachusetts study argued that while aging certainly influences some sexual slowdown, a large number of social, psychological, and lifestyle phenomena taken together also contribute significantly to the variations across the age range.For example, the terrible performance anxiety that many health professionals have observed can be alleviated almost completely if older men are able to abandon the vision of themselves as eighteen-year-old hormone-driven conquerors and look closely for a moment at what it is their partners may really want in the way of sexual or any other kind of communion.Clich 1: Older men decline so much sexually with advancing years that it is normal to accept impotence and a decrease in desire and arousal.Of course, Viagra has helped with the mechanics of impotence, but no chemistry can help a man who believes it is normal to give up sexual interests, desires, and fantasies as he ages, or who is caught in an unsatisfying relationship, whether of short or long duration.

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