When did selena and nick start dating

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“Oh yeah, this is a treat day and an indulgence for sure,” says a scruffy Nick, who put on 15 pounds of muscle for “Kingdom” (he since has shed 10 of them).

The superstar has plenty of reasons to treat himself.

’ That was an added compliment,” he says with a laugh.

Like many brave Disney-branded cohorts before him, including Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron, Nick has finally broken free of his PG image, seemingly reinventing himself overnight from cutie-pie crooner to sultry sex-symbol badass.

Last October, the Jonas Brothers, composed of Nick and his older brothers, Kevin and Joe, officially parted ways. “There was a bit of shock when I first said it was time for us to close that chapter,” he says.

“But after we opened up the conversation, there was a real understanding of all the points I was making, and they agreed that it was no longer right.” Nick wanted to veer away from the group’s saccharine pop sound and pull in elements of soul and R&B to “make that record I never got to make when I was young.” The Jonas Brothers were formed in 2005 out of what was originally a solo project for an 11-year-old Nick, who had been performing on Broadway since the age of 7.

Culpo even starred in the video for Nick’s single “Jealous,” about a boyfriend who can’t handle other men flirting with his girl. He continues, “I think with time and trust built up, a lot of that went away. It takes a second until you feel really locked in with someone.” For many Jonas Brothers fans, it’s difficult to think of Nick as anything other than the eternal virgin.

But Nick, who grew up with a pastor father and stopped wearing his purity ring “a few years ago,” says his sexuality “happened for me over time.” “Sex is part of a healthy life,” explains the singer.

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Courtesy of Chanel It’s only Monday, but this week is already getting off to a high (fashion) note — thanks to tons of campaigns starring all your favorite celebrities. To kick things off, Keira Knightley is debuting as the face Chanel fine jewelry in a Mario Testino-shot campaign.As a jacked-up, buzz-cut cage fighter with sex scenes galore, you’d never recognize Nick Jonas from his celibate, scrawny boy-band days.Truth is, Nick, the star of Direc TV’s brutal drama “Kingdom,” is still trying to grasp the potency of his new ripped bod himself.“I have been trained very well by some excellent fighters, so if anything ever went down I’d be worried that I would use the training and then get in trouble,” admits a baby-faced Nick, who says he’s never been in a real-life fight before.Lucky for the 22-year-old, his bodyguard is just outside.

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