Who is blake from workaholics dating

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When Adam and Blake get tired of this treatment, they proceed to get him drunk and make him late to work the next morning by putting a bike lock around his neck, which gets Ders demoted.Adam, Blake and Ders meet Alice's brother Bradley (Edward Barbanell) and agree to take him out for a night on the town.After Ders tells the other two that he got the promotion, he reveals that he was never really going to move out.He then goes on to take advantage of his higher position in the office by bossing everyone around.When the boys come to visit Adam, Blake finds out that Adam is training for a bodybuilding competition.After Adam thinks Ders is trying to steal Sharon, they fight and Ders and Blake try to get on in life without Adam.Prior to the series debut on April 6, 2011, "In the Line of Getting Fired", originally aired as a special sneak peek on March 15, 2011 immediately following the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, and was never re-aired until its official debut on June 8, 2011 when it served as the season finale. After Adam and Blake prank Ders into texting a nude picture to everyone, Ders smokes marijuana after his humiliation.

When the guy, Topher (Chris D'Elia), comes over to the house, they realize that he is pretty cool and end up hanging out with him.After some hijinks ensue, the boys are ultimately unable to get the tickets and are stranded at the Staples Center when the girls kick them out of the car. While at the office, they take mushrooms and begin to party.Their fun is cut short, though, when burglars break into the office.The guys set Jillian up on a blind date with a man they find on a dating site, to keep her from accompanying them to a wine-and-cheese gathering for young professionals.After getting a call from Jillian asking Blake to come get her, the guys leave the party to go find her at a Juggalo music festival.

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