Who is carrie dating in the carrie diaries

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“I don’t know how much drugs are supposed to cost, but I heard coke is pricey,” she wrote.“I just did a line because it was offered, and I was drunk.It is Money Diaries, a column, from the life-style site Refinery29, in which anonymous young professional women document every penny they earn and spend in a week—on Uber rides, lattes, birthday gifts, impulse-buy candy bars at the Walgreens register. Money Diaries launched in January of 2016, premised on the idea that “the first step to getting your financial life in order is tracking what you spend.” By encouraging young women to record their expenditures, and to discuss their finances frankly, Refinery29 could, the theory goes, help young women become savvier about money.The first woman to brave the experiment was a twenty-seven-year-old Brooklynite making sixty-five thousand dollars a year in an undisclosed “creative industry.” Her entry was candid and funny: she ordered buffalo wings and a large pizza for herself late at night (.74); bought beauty products online, to compensate for being unhappy at work (); ordered a copy of a novel on Amazon (.66); and dabbled in cocaine (gratis).

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The project’s executive producers are Erwin More and Brian Medavoy ( The book centers on a woman who, after her husband has a mid-life crisis at 65 and leaves her, struggles with being single for the first time in 35 years.Most were self-critical, admitting that the diary had underscored all of the frivolous purchases that they should have been avoiding.A few, however, managed to come out of the experience with a sense of satisfaction.would have a viable spinoff until I met the Originals," she said."It had more to do with the actors that we cast than with the characters – they were so good that we wrote more for them, and then they took up so much space that they earned their own series."And there may already be an idea in mind for where they could take Hope's character.In a possible slip-up, Plec revealed that Hope could be coming to Mystic Falls."Alaric and Caroline are running the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted where Hope Mikael--," she said, before adding quickly: "Shit, never mind."And a spin-off featuring Caroline (played by Candice King) has been mentioned as a possibility in the past...

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