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Upon arriving in Jubilife City, she registered for a Contest Pass for the Sinnoh region. After her loss, an upset Dawn called her mother, but Johanna told Dawn not to rely on her and instead rely on friends and Pokémon.

She also obtained a Ball Capsule and some Seals and introduced her Contest cry, which is "Spotlight! Eventually, in Dawn's second official Contest, she was able to narrowly beat her childhood friend Kenny to win her first Ribbon.

Dawn also had planned to take a large suitcase full of clothing with her, but her mother made her leave it at home due to its impracticality.During their meal, Candice introduced the Tamato Berry Ice Cream Sandwich, describing it as "hot and spicy on the inside and cold on the outside", and saying that oftentimes things that don't seem to go well together are actually the most compatible.The dessert and Candice's words inspired Dawn to create a new combination using Ice- and Fire-type moves.Instead, Dawn took a backpack her mother had prepared for her.Johanna also gave Dawn the first Ribbon she earned as a Coordinator as a good luck charm, an item that would recur throughout the series as a symbol of Dawn's determination. to Zoey, who became one of her closest friends and greatest rivals after the Contest.

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