Who is lionel richie dating

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From his wildchild daughter to the wife currently divorcing him for £165,000 a month, Lionel Richie has long had a tempestuous relationship with the ladies.As the singer struggles to keep his sanity - and his fortune - intact, Marianne Macdonald meets a man 'in search of the next adventure' 'No, no, no, no, no,' he assures me, as if the idea is absurd.He came back in 1993 and now he's on a world tour (playing here in October) and has a new album, Just For You, from which he releases the second single 'I Still Believe' later this month.We had originally arranged to meet for the interview at his Los Angeles home - the former Guggenheim mansion - but Richie cancelled at the last minute.This is the reward for being one of the world's biggest performers: Richie has sold nearly 100 million albums over a four-decade career.

(Nicole's mother, a backstage assistant, has never been named.) The Richies formally adopted her five years later and they broke up when she was ten. Let me show you how."'It says a lot about Richie that, when Nicole was deep in drugs and booze, he accompanied her into rehab in Tucson, Arizona.

'I'll be at a dinner party and I'll say, "I've got to go." "Why? I tried to write a rock'n'roll song and I wrote a church song, "Endless Love".

" "I just wrote two more songs." I mean: I know I'm supposed to be enjoying the dinner party - I know I am. I tried to write an up-tempo R&B song and wrote "Hello".

I've got to the point where I just don't know what's coming, I'm just going to enjoy it.'We are right back to his theme of letting go.

'See,' he says, pulling a wry face, 'once you have a teenager, and she goes into her twenties, you realise, "OK, there's no more control." She's on her own.'The teenager in question is, of course, his wildchild 22-year-old daughter, Nicole.

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