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" And I laughed for a long time too, but he's written some really great tunes, man.

However, both have stated that nothing romantic happened between them.

I also have a terrible tendency when I’m in New York to frequent those hot-dog stands. I don’t know if it’s because the signs are too complicated or I just have a horrendous inability to understand parking laws, but I have a terrible habit of picking up tickets. If I had my way, I’d fill the house with such things, but I’ve been banned from doing that.

I end up going in for an hour and learning how to play some sort of Tibetan kazoo. a roast dinner at my mum’s, which I’m sure most sons would say. And I recently read The Dude and the Zen Master by Jeff Bridges, which is brilliantly written and very witty.

He has all these great influences saying, "Do this, do that, be the hero," and Draco doesn't even have that option.

I like someone who is good at music — that always intrigues me.

Eliza Doolitle also has a really sweet voice, and she has a great album out.

But I'm going to surprise your readers and join in with the Bieber craze.

So in anticipation of the final Harry Potter movie, Seventeen sat down with our newest crush to talk about everything from Emma Watson's crush on him to his soft spot for Justin Bieber — and of course, the end of Harry Potter!orrrr you could go to find his fan mail address and ask him to meet you it could work? i hopee:)No, Tom Felton does not have a Facebook he has Twitter you can see his account on twitter.com/tomfelton He does have a facebook page. Tom Felton started acting in movies at the age of ten.His first major part was in the movie, The Borrowers.

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