Wii system updating

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There is one minor benefit in WBFS that it supports drives with a sector size of 4k.These drives are very rare, but other format types may not work on these drives.If using an NTFS drive, you need to add the following options to or See the Configurable Options page for information on how to do this.If you do want to format to WBFS for some reason, you can use the GParted tool to prepare your drive for formatting to WBFS with Cfg.This is the most compatible format type and is required if you want to install GCN games.

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If you want to use the Dolphin emulator, you should use NTFS, but otherwise it is recommended that you use FAT32.You can format a drive to NTFS using most partitioning applications or Windows. These are the formats most commonly used for Linux systems. EXT support is currently read-only, so there is no way to write games to the drive except via your PC, making it a poor choice. Note that ext support is very new (started in December 2010) and there may be bugs.You can format a drive to an ext format using most partitioning applications or Linux.In any case, I’d suggest people to download and install the app on their Wii U, if that’s not already the case.USB Loaders allow you to rip your own discs to an external USB hard drive and then run them from there.

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