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Almost every person has an account of face book these days.

Every user’s face book account has a wall where he can share what’s on his mind and any of his thoughts and ideas.

Plus a trust for 1 million Euros so she’ll never have to scrub floors again.

But the reason I came home is to give Mum this beautiful mink coat and the deed to an estate in Wexford.

I mean, where else IN THE WORLD can you find narcissistic selfies combined with inspirational quotes, gluten-free recipes (omg!!!!

), boring baby pics (and the occasional #No Filter sonogram!

When it comes to a face book status, you can simply come up with anything entirely.

I moved to New […] There’s a cute little political movement happening amongst Trump-supporters/Anti-Hillary-crazies this week that has fully amused me and a lot of my (intelligent) friends: BOYCOTT STARBUCKS BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT HILLARY!!!

And listen, I’ve been guilty of this — I remember […] What would life be without coffee? (If you’re not a coffee drinker, feel free to skip over this article but PS, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FUNCTION ON A DAILY BASIS?

) I’m always looking for ways to spice up my coffee routine at home so I don’t spend 8742974 a […] Instagram is a truly majestical corner of the Internet.

And my best friend next to me is married with a kid on the way.) But I’m […] When I heard about our dictator President firing the person investigating him, then citing the absence of an investigation in the termination letter, my mind couldn’t help but draw breakup parallels.

Can you imagine dumping someone because you were scared they might find out you’d been cheating….then when you dumped them, making sure to double […] In case you missed my 87-minute long Facebook Live announcement or haven’t perused my Instagram (read: dog and pizza gallery) in a while, I moved from Atlanta to THE BIG APPLE.

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