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Taking his place in the Great Crusade, Lorgar led his Legion across the stars, fuelled by a fiery religious zeal.Wherever the Legion encountered the idols of any god that might rival the Emperor in the devotion of the people, they cast them down and ground them to dust, and in their place erected towering monuments to the glory of the Emperor, forcing the conquered to kneel before them and offer up praises to the new God of Mankind.

Confronted by the possibility that the Word was false, Lorgar may have sought other meanings within it, and other beings that might serve in the place of the god he had believed in.

Yet, such sentiment ran contrary to the Imperial Truth, as the Emperor denounced the worship of gods and daemons alike.

For the Emperor Himself to be held as a god was anathema to all that the Imperium stood for, and the Master of Mankind chided Lorgar and his kin for their idolatry.

How many cultures brought into Imperial Compliance in this closing phase of the Great Crusade were in fact turned to the worship of Chaos may never be known, nor the extent to which the pernicious influence of Lorgar's Word was responsible for the corruption of the other Traitor Legions.

Whatever the truth, the Word Bearers stood by the Warmaster Horus' side when he renounced his loyalty to the Emperor, and they fought at the very forefront of many of the battles of the Horus Heresy.

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