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What is enlightening, however, is the new trend in dating that's emerging because of it.Dating website has found the number of single women choosing to date on their lunch break has risen by 22% in the last six months.Scot Mc Kay appeared on the dating advice for men scene in 2005.

Yes, you can improve your skill set with women to the point where a higher percentage of the women you approach will be attracted to you… I will show you a lying sack of crap that is trying to sell you something… I have met, and know, some of the biggest names in the community personally… If you could contact 50 women in one hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across 4 different dating sites… The easiest way to remember it is like this: Just like a newbie who enters the gym for the first time, you need to accept the reality of the situation… Successful online dating is not something that happens overnight. You can (and will) have groundbreaking epiphanies that will shift the way you THINK about attraction and seduction… and those epiphanies will catapult you ahead in the game… Most guys are impatient and look for quick fixes and band-aid solutions, but the ONLY THINGS that have ever gotten anyone long term results are commitment and consistency.

It will most likely take you twice as long to get as good with women as someone who approaches 20 women in a week. Let’s assume that you have decided to go with online dating as your primary method of meeting women. In my Online Dating Domination course, I will guarantee that you will do MUCH BETTER then just a 1% success rate. Just like reading a book on fat loss won’t get you shredded and looking like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club” and one trip to the gym one make you massive like Arnold Schwarzenegger…

(Many of the famous seduction gurus cut their teeth approaching 10 women in an hour…) In that case, you have to come to terms with the fact that you can only get as good at this stuff as someone who can approach 10 women in a week. If you want to get better faster, then you better start looking for ways to approach more women… The sooner you accept that failure is the quickest path to being successful, the faster you can get yourself in the game.

I met about seven girls the last time I did online dating.

They were all nice enough, a couple of them I continued seeing for a few weeks, but there was always something about them I didn't like.

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