Xbmc recently added not updating

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Both ways will force the season to '1' by default, so that you can use the 'Use Absolute Ordering (Single Season)' setting from the The Tv scraper. Specify the maximal resolution that art should be resized to in pixels. an image that is 2000x500 will be cached at size 1280x320.The width is automatically calculated as being 16/9*height. An image that is 500x800 will be cached at size 450x720 using the default value of 720. Specify the resolution that cached fanart should be resized to in pixels.I wrote “usually” because I was unlucky enough to buy stk1160 grabber that had awful cropping which is not common issue with this type of grabber… I had also slow response time for the ambilight effect (not mentioning lack of color accuracy caused by significantly cropped image). [update] cropping can be avoided by specifying PAL as video standard. UTV007 (Fushicai) UTV007 took some time to install, but it was worth an effort. And here is how you can install it: (based on https://github.com/gkaindl/ambi-tv/issues/48) REMEBER!Somagic The only thing I managed to get from the first one is message : insufficient memory :) so i will not cover all the work I did. ” For some dumb reason, I had to execute the following statement Otherwise I was getting nice image for about 1sec and then very nice and sharp grey stripes. Maybe I had some faulty piece, becasue I have heard that for others it works well. You need right version of Rasbian (see above) and 4GB SD card sudo apt-get -y install usbutils wget https://github.com/gkaindl/ambi-tv/archive/unzip cd ambi-tv-master cd misc sudo bash cd usbtv-driver/ make sudo mkdir -p /lib/modules/3.6.11 /extra sudo cp /lib/modules/3.6.11 /extra sudo depmod 3.6.11 sudo modprobe videobuf2_core sudo modprobe videobuf2_vmalloc sudo modprobe usbtv What you’re doing here, is you download ambi-tv code which has driver for UTV007 and you compile it plus you load driver and other modules to memory.Furthermore using the tcpport setting it is possible to change the default TCP port used by Kodi for JSON RPC (which is 9090) to any other valid port. If you stop watching the video here no resume point is created. The video is already marked as watched at 90%, see above.Scales with vdpau instead of opengl and turns on its HQ scaler when available, enabling this might slow down rendering and cause framedrops especially on ION systems, this setting requires a vdpau feature set C GPU.This is true even if 'hide' is subsequently set to 'true' - in other words, if you enable it in the GUI and then hide the GUI toggle, it will stay on level 2 irrespective of what you subsequently set in To make it easier for developers using the JSON RPC API in their (third party) applications to debug during development the json output of Kodi can be prettified by setting compactoutput to false.

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Are some parts being skipped that are clearly not commercials? The following advanced settings can be used to better identify full commercial break sequences, remove incorrectly flagged commercial breaks, and have playback start at the actual beginning of the recording.

A list of additional files to try when searching for fanart images.

(The defaults are and which can be removed.) Example: In the recent releases, playlists are treated as folders.

You can check there how to distinguish one version from another based on lsusb output.

I have had 3 of them: somagic, utv007 (Fushicai) and STK1160.

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