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The criteria for access to an SAP vary, and the program manager has ultimate responsibility for the access rules, but the limits are generally much tighter than those imposed by normal need-to-know standards.

For example, a SAP manager may insist on lie-detector testing for anyone who has access to the program.

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SAPs implement a positive system of security control in which only selected individuals have access to critical information.

On 8 January last year, around 6.45pm, residents of Delaware in the US were startled by a sonic boom, strong enough to shake walls, rattle windows and cause the citizens to call their local police offices, demanding explanations.

This particular speeder, however, could not only outrun any highway-patrol cruiser in Delaware, but was beyond the reach of anyone else in the state.

In Financial Year 2001 (FY01), the USAF plans to spend on classified research and development programs.

Because white-world R&D is being cut back, this figure is planned to reach a record 39% of total USAF R&D.

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