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The crowd was ready to eat it all up and then some. I also was impressed, that people from "Alexei Yagudin Discussion Group" (who don't know Russian) were trying to watch even the "Ice Ages". Yagudin and other actors participated in the play together with kids which won the prizes last year, and gave the kids their prizes. v=myqi0Iug TP0&t=6m30s Yagudin is Ivan, Ivan's wife-to-be is called Vasilsa. I try to think not about the past, but about the present, in which the close-knit family is my main victory, my Hall of Fame. https://ru/news/figure-skating/29386810/ It is said, that now 3 Russian coaches are there.

The boy's private space was barely big enough for a table and chair and the couch he slept on. World figure skating champion Alexei Yagudin of Russia has been booted from the John Hancock Champions on Ice tour for inappropriate behavior linked to a drinking problem, according to those familiar with the situation.In finalizing its team, Russia confirmed that 17-year-old Yagudin will be joined by 1995 European champion Ilya Kulik.Kulik upset world champion Elvis Stojko of Canada and U. champion Todd Eldredge at the Champions Series final in December, but skipped the recent European Championships to recover from a back injury. Petersburg, Russia, 1,000 miles from his parents in Volgograd.Russian teenagers Alexei Yagudin, 17, and Evgeny Pluschenko, 15, were joined by Alexander Abt, 21, on the medal podium after Thursday's long program in Milan.Yagudin, an Olympic medal contender, landed a quadruple toe loop and two triple axels to win the title over Pluschenko, his St. Russian figure skaters utterly dominated the European Championships Wednesday, finishing 1-2 in pairs and 1-2-3 in the short program phase of the men's competition in Milan, Italy.

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