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After the first two weeks, your baby should be weighed: Your baby will usually only be weighed more often than this if you ask for it or if there are concerns about their health or growth.You can go your local baby clinic to see your health visitor at any time.After weighing her daughter, she says the doctor expressed disgust at the scale reading.'The first thing they said to me was, "oh my goodness, what are you feeding her?" insinuating she was fat,' she said.'I would understand when she rudely asked what I was feeding my baby if I answered with chocolate pudding and huge portions of food with a lot of calories, but I don't.'Astounded Ms Parker told the doctor that Grace – born a healthy 8lbs 3oz – was breastfed.Three years ago I confessed here on Mamamia about a rather embarrassing episode where I was publicly outed for singing the wrong song lyrics. I was trying to look cool at the gym while running on the treadmill. This time I just didn’t realise what the hell I was singing. And Summer of ‘69, which I found out last year, has nothing to do with the summer of 1969 and everything to do with Bryan Adams having a summer brimmimg with oral sex. Next week why don’t you write a song about slapping the salami over the Easter break. And then there are just the lyrics which make NO SENSE TO ME. When Beyonce sings Bootylicious and she says, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? Well, cue the fog machine and the xylophone because let’s go back in time and I’ll remind you of what went down: I got caught singing the wrong lyrics to a song. I just really love the idea that Jesus had these two other brothers called Mark and Kevin roaming around like the Biblical version of the Daddo brothers or something. Three years later and I had another confronting experience with song lyrics but this time I wasn’t getting the lyrics wrong. ” “It’s about someone thinking they have a semi-charmed life? Which is romantic IF YOU LIKE HAVING A FREAKING STALKER. Trying to look hip in front of Jason my trainer who has the looks of The Commando and the personality of, well, The Commando. So picture it, I’m in the car and I’m singing a peppy, cheery, up-beat song I’ve always loved.

Eating at strange times makes skin more vulnerable to harmful UV rays, research suggested last month.

NHS guidelines state six-month-old baby girls should weigh between 12.9 and 19lbs – which Grace falls within.

Ms Parker said: 'The doctor advised that I cut out all food and only offer water in between feeds, basically suggesting I put my baby on a diet.'I left the hospital feeling very upset and angry.

And somehow I ended up singing the words “Like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick” to a song that apparently is not dairy-focused.

And then there was my personal favourite: Our Father And Mark and Kevin (Our Father Who Art in Heaven, The Lord’s Prayer). v=a CI4EGj IZx4 It came on the radio and I clapped my hands and said “I love this song! And my husband looked at me suspiciously and said, “You know what this is about right? Like the song “Every Breath You Take” by the Police.

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