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Other times it’s simply to show that the couple was seen outside, and what kind of shirts they were wearing.

Other sites have also found the couple in various situations in New York, such as leaving the Rainbow Room, going for a walk together on Easter, or just walking their dogs together.

Looking star Jonathan Groff has opened up about his relationship with ex-boyfriend Zachary Quinto.

The former Glee star was rumoured to be dating the Star Trek star, but the pair were reported to have split in 2013.

That included a major purchase for the couple – their own place to live.

In 2015, Quinto and Mc Millan purchased a loft in the No Ho neighborhood of Manhattan. According to Variety, the loft is 2,195 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms.

Their respective Instagram accounts have grown quite popular over the years.

Part of this is due to the fame that comes with being a movie star and a successful model. A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on As we’ve seen, Quinto and Mc Millan are not shy about photographing themselves or each other.

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He continued: “It’s what Harvey Milk said about coming out to all your friends. And the more we talk about it, then the less we’ll finally have to talk about it.

One of the most consistently praised elements of the new Star Trek movies has been Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock.

Not only is he an acclaimed actor, he’s also one of the most prominent openly gay actors in all of Hollywood.

The Daily Mail, for example, has several articles about spotting and photographing Quinto and Mc Millan together.

Sometimes the articles are to show how affectionate the couple was being, kissing in public.

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